Radiate the beauty. Carry the heritage. 

The roots of Moodag are strong. They’re dug deep in time and tradition of Northern Finnish Lapland.

The Moodag touch on silver stems back to the Iron Age. Creating contemporary wearable art with age-old techniques is our tribute to tradition. The beauty and serenity of the North is reflected in each piece of Moodag jewellery.

“I always found the North somewhat mystical. Its untainted nature and uniquely classical beauty inspire me and have molded me into the artisan I am today,” says Katja Lettinen, the twice-awarded designer and founder of Moodag. 

“At the heart of my creative process is the inventive use of traditional techniques. I want to create striking jewellery for both comfort and extravagance. To look stunning, whatever the occasion, is important to us women.”

Every piece is designed and made with touch of arctic mood in Finland.